Odd Mom Out

I learned a little something about myself this weekend. Unless the conversation is about bodily functions, tantrums, time outs or my awesome mom wardrobe (holey jeans and sweatshirts anyone?) I don’t know what to talk about.

Twice this weekend I was seated at a table where I felt like I had zippo to add to the conversation. This was new territory for me! Granted, a couple of the conversations took turns I wouldn’t have been able to make a meaningful contribution to anyway (like when the topics of Michelangelo’s struggle with depression or computer software design came up) but still… I felt like I should be able to at least say something!

At first I thought “huh, maybe I do need to get out more often”! Then it dawned on me: I get out plenty (4-5 times a month usually), but the people I’m getting out with are generally moms themselves. I have no problems conversing with my childless-sister or with my friend Stephanie (also without children), but we have plenty in common beyond kids. Besides, those two like to hear about my boys (at least, I think they do) so it’s not a big deal when I throw “mom stuff” in there.

I was sharing this revelation with Nick last night, talking about how I felt kind of badly that I can’t seem to have an adult conversation that does not lead back to poop, time outs or the cute things my kids say and do, when he pointed out that that’s ok. This is just the stage of life I’m in. There’s no shame in talking almost exclusively about my kids; they are what consumes my life right now of course. I tried to argue with him, that I feel like it should be the same as the advice given to parents: when out on a “date” don’t talk about your kids. He finds that silly too. If the parents enjoy talking about their children, let them talk! My husband is so smart 🙂

Speaking of my husband – he did a great job caring for the boys this weekend while I was gone! Really, was there any doubt though? I will say this though… there are two things he did that stick out in my mind.

1. He gave the boys Spam. For those of you who don’t know my husband, you should know this: Nick loves Spam. Disgusting, I know. On Friday Nick made himself a tuna and spam sandwich (anyone throw up in their mouths a little while reading that?) and made the boys’ grilled cheese and gave them each a piece of Spam to go with it. He said the boys loved it and he heard the words he’s been longing to hear: “More Spam please Daddy!”

2. He taught the boys to pee standing up. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Thankfully their aim seems to be decent. It’s the dribbling all over the toilet and stool towards the end that grosses this mommy out. Oh well. Each night Nick has tackled said toilet and stool with a bottle of Lysol, so at least it’s being cleaned up.

Finally, a couple more wedding photos! I promise to get back on track tomorrow and get my 365 blog updated later today!


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