November Harvest

Sure, yesterday was the first of November and yep, it’s been chilly for the last week or so (including our first freeze), but that hasn’t stopped my little garden! Well, I did help it along a little bit by covering it at night with plastic… Anyway, yesterday evening the boys and I harvested some of the fall veggies I planted at the beginning of September!

Some tasty lettuce, anyone?

Or how about a pepper? Or even better, 3 peppers!

There’s still more lettuce, some spinach and even some peas coming in! I’ll keep covering that garden with a tarp if it means I can extend the season a bit longer.

Couple of random notes for you:

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I’m getting closer to figuring out how to solve the picture/ad overlapping problem! If you’d like to help me out and don’t mind e-mailing back and forth, either shoot me an e-mail ( or leave a comment here and make sure you enter your e-mail address in the form and I’ll contact you that way.

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