Nothing Is Safe

In the last 9 months I’ve had numerous kitchen items bite the dust, thanks to my adorable angels.

Exhibit A – the demise of my Angel Food Cake pan, thanks to Jackson putting it over his head and not being able to get it off again. (You can read that fun post HERE.)

Exhibit B – my spring form pans are in ruins and no longer usable, thanks to the boys sitting in them, standing in them, throwing them, etc. I’m pretty sure these are supposed to be round…

Exhibit C – our toaster met the end of its life last week when one of my children (I suspect Jackson) dropped the plastic knob into the toaster and I didn’t notice it until the stench of melting plastic wafted up with my toast. Grrrrr…. (No picture of this one – it already went out with the trash.)

Exhibit D – one of my Pyrex liquid measuring cups shattered into a million pieces this past weekend when Tyler threw a stuffed animal into the air, in the kitchen (after I told him not to once already) and it knocked the cup off the drying rack and onto our tile floor. There seriously were shards of glass everywhere.

At least I know what to say when people ask what I want for Christmas…

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  • Between my husband and my 3 boys, I have lost so many kitchen stuff and dinnerware…and just as there is a “sock monster”, we have a “spoon and fork monster” here!!!ReplyCancel