Not Really A Saturday Savings Post

I know my Saturday morning post is generally all about grocery shopping, but I also know I usually post on Friday mornings too and that just didn’t happen yesterday! So today, I bring you a potpourri of stuff…

Baking Fool: I’m a baking fool this week! In fact, as I write this post I have the first part of two batches of Whoopie Pies in the oven. Business has been good for Valentine’s Day, for which I am so thankful!

Chase’s Hernia: Yesterday afternoon I took Chase to the Children’s Hospital for a consult appointment about his hernia. We have a surgery date set for about a month from now. The biggest challenge will be keeping him totally healthy in the days leading up to surgery!

A Borrowed Lens: A triplet mom friend is letting me borrow a lens for my Nikon! I’ve had fun messing with it the last 24 hours or so and will post some pictures next week here and this weekend on my 365 Blog (probably later today)!

Grocery Shopping: I did half of my grocery shopping yesterday and will do the second half on Monday, which is why I decided to not bother with a full Saturday Savings post today. Price Chopper is having a nice President’s Day Sale on Monday, so I’ll be heading there to get some good deals on cereal, potatoes, laundry detergent and frozen veggies (among other items on sale). Yesterday I picked up Dole Salad Blends for .99 each, chicken nuggets for $1 and frozen blueberries for $1.88. I also picked up some more Organic Milk at Whole Foods. Holy moly, I wonder when the sticker shock of that will wear off.

Oh and I must share this fun grocery trip I took last weekend! HyVee was having another one of their 2 day sales, so I made a special trip to the HyVee closer to home in order to take advantage and to look for the Organic Pears that were on sale but not carried at the HyVee I had visited on Friday. Get this: I walked out of HyVee with 20 containers of Danon yogurt and a 3 pound bag of Organic Pears and paid only $2! How? The pears rang up incorrectly so I got them for free and with my two coupons and the great sale on yogurts my total was $2! Sweet! You know what? Those pears rang up incorrectly again yesterday (they’re on sale all month) so I again got a bag of free organic pears! Woot! Woot!

Don’t Forget: You only have two more days to enter the giveaway of the week! I’m giving away a whole set of organic insect killer! It’s safe to use around your pets and kids and it does the trick! There aren’t many entries yet, so your odds are good right now… enter HERE! Monday morning we’ll announce the winner and a new giveaway!

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