Not Cute Enough

My boys aren’t cute enough for print. It’s true. At least that’s what the folks over at BabyGap think. This fall I took some pictures of the boys to enter into a BabyGap contest. The finalists would be flown to San Fransisco for 5 days in November for a photo shoot, and then those photos would be posted online so that people around the country could vote who should win (I don’t remember all the prize details but I know there was a $3,000 BabyGap gift card involved).

The pictures could only contain one child, so I couldn’t take a super cute group shot and submit it. They couldn’t be taken by a “professional”, so I had that covered. The picture was supposed to show off the personality of the child. Done! Oh yeah, and the picture couldn’t have been publicly displayed anywhere which I concluded would include my blog. Seeing as the boys did not win, I am now free to show off these pictures! I loved the shots so much I had them blown up into 8×10’s and bought frames for them. They were the first pictures of the boys we hung on the wall.


Such a “model” pose!

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