No Way!

The boys have several funny new sayings they’ve introduced into their vocabulary. Ask Chase if he wants something or wants to do something that he likes and you’ll likely get an “ooooh yeah!” out of him. Show Jackson something new and he’ll say “ooooh! Special!”. Flip past something on TV that isn’t a cartoon and you’ll hear “that’s weird” from Tyler (unless it’s Sesame Street).

Chase also has a little saying that can be cute and obnoxious at the same time… Ask or tell him to do something and you very well could get “no way!” thrown back at you. The constant “no ways” that we hear during tantrums are getting tiresome and Nick and I were trying to figure out where he picked that phrase up. Fast forward to last weekend when we were leaving church…

We demanded that the boys hold our hands when we walked across the street, which Chase didn’t like. Then Chase wanted me to help him down the stairs, not Nick, but I was already down them with Jackson and Tyler so more theatrics ensued. Then he wanted to buckle himself into his car seat… As Chase was flailing, screaming and crying about it Nick said “No way!”. We both paused and looked at each other and I said “Huh! Mystery solved! He got it from you!”. We had a good laugh over that one as we drove out of the parking lot!

Speaking of Mr. Chase, he’s acting totally like himself this morning. Woohoo! And the other two have been healthy since yesterday afternoon. Double woohoo! Makes me happy to see my kids happy.

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