No More Lazy Pants

In the last 9 months or so I’ve grown accustomed to not needing to mess around with buttons or zippers on my pants. Yep. Maternity pants have made me lazy. It didn’t matter if I waited a bit too long to run to the bathroom because my pants all had giant elastic waists, so I didn’t have to fumble with a button.

I didn’t realize how lazy I’d gotten until this weekend when I wore some of my pre-pregnancy pants. That’s right, my pre-pregnancy pants! A month ago I tried on some of my pre-pregnancy jeans (I have an assortment of sizes thanks to my yo-yoing weight over the years) and they didn’t fit. They were hard to pull on and while they buttoned and zipped it was a struggle and the amount of muffin top was horrifying. I promptly took them off and put the lazy pants back on.

I’ve now completed 3 weeks of boot camp though (and have lost 5 inches in the last 2 weeks alone!) and decided to try the jeans on again on Saturday. Guess what? No struggle to put them on, no struggle to button or zip and while the muffin top was still there, it was minimal enough that I could hide it with my shirt. Woohoo!

Later today I’m going to try to remember to have Nick take a picture of Lily and me for my chunking up and chunking down picture series. I know she’s certainly bigger and I must look smaller if I can move out of my lazy pants.

We had a relaxing Easter Weekend and Nick’s birthday was yesterday as well. I’ll post pictures of the fun tomorrow! For now though (for those that hadn’t seen it on our Facebook Page yesterday) here’s a picture of all the kiddos after church Saturday night!

L-R: Chase, Jackson, Lily and Tyler

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  • Oh my lands…the sheer cuteness. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Great job. While I’m not in a boot camp I did strap my 15lb weight (Grant) on and took the other 3 in the stroller out for a brisk walk this morning…after dropping Grace at school. Thanks for motivating me.ReplyCancel

  • Good job! I know it’s always great when pre-pregnancy clothes finally fit again. And while exercising isn’t fun, I loved how it helped me to finally feel better after having two babies close together. (I did the 30-Day Shred.)ReplyCancel

  • pop pop

    good job Helen !ReplyCancel