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Last year I had a little fun with you all on April Fool’s Day. This year I’m skipping the jokes and instead going to focus on the fact that the Kansas City March for Babies is exactly one month from today. I was hoping to have 6 walkers this year and so far only have 3. I was hoping by this point I’d have over 50% of my goal raised and so far I only have 15%. Time to hit the ground running here!

Walk With Us! If you live in the Kansas City area and are free on Saturday, May 1st please consider joining us at the walk. The walk happens at the Power & Light District downtown and has tons of stuff for the kids to do! You get lunch afterward and it really is just such a fun, family friendly time. The March starts at 10am and if you plan to get downtown around 9ish that should give you plenty of time to find parking and the rest of our group. The walk is an easy mile and strollers and wagons are definitely welcome. Whether you have your own cuties who were preemies, were a preemie yourself or are just friends of ours we would love to have you join us on the walk. Click HERE if you’d like to join our team!

Donate! When I first walked 2 years ago I set my goal at $200 and then raised it several times because I kept hitting my goal. I think that first year I ended up raising about $500. Last year I set my goal a bit higher ($750) and I ended up raising $760. Our team (I had 2 other walkers last year!) raised $1040 together. This year I figured I could set my goal even higher considering I have more readers now than I did then and the economy seems to be looking up for a lot of people. $1,000 seems like a huge goal but let’s look at the numbers here…

  • In the last month, Three Times the Giggles has had 1,427 different visitors (the number of visits in the last month is 5,483). Whoa! 
  • On the average day we have 200 hits.
  • If each of my regular visitors donated just $5 each I would exceed my goal!

Do you have $5? What about $10 or $20? I know not every one of my visitors will be able to donate $5, and it’s likely a lot of people will intend to donate but will forget. If you can give more than $5 it will help pick up some of the slack. 

If you’ve read my blog at all in the last couple of months, you already know why March of Dimes and the March for Babies is important to this family. We have 3 preemies and I had a “high-risk” pregnancy. Know why else we march? Because at the March for Babies every year I see far too many people walking for babies who didn’t survive their prematurity. Far too many. The March of Dimes has made significant strides against prematurity and researching new treatments for preemies, but there is still a long way to go.

Please, donate today
Let’s get to 50% of my goal by tomorrow morning and find a few more walkers to join us!
(After last year’s walk)

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