No Boosters?

Earlier this week Jackson cracked the plastic on his booster seat. I was ticked. These boosters had been holding up so well and I had great plans of selling all three seats to another triplet mama in a year or so. The boys have always (well, at least since the age of 14 months I’d say) tried to push our buttons (that’s code for annoy) at the dinner table. They like to give Nick and I mini-heart attacks when they tip their chairs back from the table. Or when they rock wildly in their chairs. Anyway, it was Jackson’s wild rocking (even after I told him to stop repeatedly) that finally cracked the plastic. The booster is still usable for sure, but I didn’t want to press my luck so I tried something….

I fed the boys lunch at the table but had them sit on the regular chairs.

Jackson was so excited/confused he sat there like this for quite some time before finally eating!

The boys did remarkably well and Nick and I have continued to give them their meals this way. I have to remind them a lot to not wiggle too much and to stay facing forward “like big boys” but all in all they do well. We did have one mishap yesterday at lunch where Jackson suddenly fell backwards. I’m not sure how it happened as I had just turned to the fridge to get him more milk when I heard his chair go crashing down. It scared him a bit but I’m hopeful it was a lesson to him to not tip, or rock or whatever he was doing.

For now we’ll keep training them on how to eat like this. For the most part we eat meals outside now so they’ll probably only eat at the table for breakfast and maybe by fall (when we have to eat inside) they’ll be little pros at sitting at the table!

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