Originally posted 9/2/07

Nick and I are so in love with these boys! We just can’t get enough of them. It’s amazing how content we are to just sit and look at them in their isolettes. We’re definitely looking forward to the day they can come home with us and hopefully that will happen sooner rather than later.

All three boys are still progressing extremely well. They’ve all had their IVs removed, are taking food well and are starting to learn how to breastfeed (Tyler seems to be grasping it the quickest). All three boys spent several days under going photo-therapy for their jaundice but those lights were all removed yesterday as the jaundice has cleared up. It’s so nice to see their regular color (not the blue tinge we’d been seeing from the lights) and to see their eyes again as while under the lights they had to wear goggle type things to protect their eyes.

Top to bottom is Jackson, Tyler & Chase. Look how huge that preemie diaper is on Ty!

Right now the boys are working on regulating their body temperatures. Basically the nurse turns down their isolette air temperature bit by bit (it’s currently 86 degrees in there) and monitor the baby’s body temperature to see if they are handling the temp changes. Once they can regulate their temperature they’ll be moved into a regular crib, which will be wonderful!

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