Sidewalk Paint {check} and A New Park {check}

We checked off two more of our Summer Bucket List items this weekend! Actually, we did both on the same day even. On Saturday morning, we were looking at the bucket list hanging on the wall and I asked if they wanted to make Sidewalk Paint that morning. The idea was met with cheers so I opened up Pinterest and found the pin linking to this blog post with the paint “recipe”.

Chase, holding the official Bucket List card.

How fun and vibrant are these colors?! I went heavy on the food coloring, and it made  the paint dry a pretty bright color too. Our driveway is still very colorful, 3 days later.

Lily really wanted to go touch the paint, but we kept her strapped in her car instead. I know a potential mess when I see one!

Chase has Hulk feet!!

So while we were still outside, playing with our sidewalk paint, I got a text from a friend inviting us over for lunch and to play at the new playground near her house! The boys were all for a playdate in a new location, so we loaded up and headed out.

Ty with the “Go to a New Park” card!

Fun little musical section.

Well, now what, Ty?

Lily enjoyed the new park, because there was a slide that she could climb the stairs to and then slide down by herself!

I’d say she made it down, facing the right way, about 50% of the time. 🙂

(And yes, horribly out of focus. Blech. It was the only one I got of her going down backwards though, so I’m overlooking my perfectionist nature for a few minutes here.)

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