New Best Friend

I have a new best friend! I can’t have conversations with this friend (if I did people might say I was crazy), but boy does this friend help me out… it’s my new Dust Buster!

I’ve been saying for months now that a dust buster would come in handy. Picking up tiny bits of food after ever meal or snack gets old, as does dragging out the vacuum 2-3 times a day. When my parents were here my dad helped me pick up after a couple of meals. I guess being under the table picking up tiny bits of food wasn’t as much fun as he thought, because he came back to the house one morning with a dust buster for me!

Oh how I love my new friend! Clean up after a meal is so much faster and I don’t have to drag the vacuum out nearly as often as before.

Jackson, Tyler and Chase seem to like the dust buster too… as soon as they hear me click it on they come as fast as their little legs will carry them! They especially enjoy when I try to suck up their shirts. Ahhh the simple fun we have here.
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