My Smiley Girl

Oh, my sweet Lily! I tell you what, I realized today it’s a good thing I had things, uh, “taken care of” during my c-section, because with as sweet and smiley and easy as Lily is she makes me think we could have another baby. Ha! Good thing Nick doesn’t read my blog – he might have heart palpitations over that little revelation. Even more of a good thing though is that this kitchen is closed, so there’s nothing to discuss or consider.

I mean seriously – look at the grin I was greeted with yesterday after her nap! 99% of the time when she wakes up she is that happy. That’s not the only time she smiles either… usually all I have to do is look her way and she gives me that huge grin too!

She’s not walking yet, but she easily cruises furniture and is experimenting with letting go for a few seconds at a time. While I can’t wait to see her take her first steps, I’m not a fan with how fast my last baby is growing up. She’ll be 1 in about 5 weeks! That realization tends make me emotional, so I better just start focusing on a fun first birthday theme. Time to get on Pinterest!

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  • Jessica

    She is precious!!ReplyCancel

  • Krista

    My little girl is the same way. We’re so lucky. I love reading your blog it makes me feel like we’re still friends 🙂ReplyCancel

    • Aw, miss you K Money 🙂 People like you make me wish we live in PA so we could hang with the awesome college friends that settled there!ReplyCancel

  • Jessica

    So cute!ReplyCancel

  • Laura

    hahahaha!!!!!!!! “taken care of” and “kitchen closed” are my favorite quotes from this blog. You can look forward to when I have babies. 🙂 hahahaReplyCancel

  • pop pop

    Maybe Lilly will walk for Christmas.ReplyCancel

  • She is absolutely precious, Helen! You and Nick are doing a great job with that wonderful family! Love and blessings to all of you! xoxoReplyCancel