My Original Due Date

Originally posted 10.12.07

Today, October 12th, was my original due date. The new picture below was taken just today and looking at it I think its clear why I couldn’t carry to term! These boys are getting so big! I have no idea what they weigh now, but Jackson is “solid” as Nick would say and all three boys have now grown out of their preemie sized clothes.


The boys and I have gone on several walks together, which is nice for me! The weather has been very nice and I think the fresh air has been good for all 4 of us. I spend most of my days home alone with the boys and really it hasn’t been bad at all. The day moves very quickly as all they do right now is eat and sleep. By the time they’re done eating there’s only about an hour to go before we start the cycle over again. I suspect that when the boys get older and more mobile, things will get harder and I’ll really have to utilize all the people that have offered to help.

The boys two month appointment is in two weeks, so that’s probably when I’ll do another update.

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