My Mom Logic

Mom Logic can be a funny thing. I don’t know this because my boys look at me funny when I do or say something, but because my husband does or because friends do or even because strangers do. Occasionally I will try to explain to them why I am doing or saying a certain thing, but often I’ll just shrug their looks off and say “It’s a mom thing”.

Now Mom Logic is not a “one size fits all” type of thing. My Mom Logic is often different from other moms and has even know to be different from my own mother’s Mom Logic. Sure having multiples brings in a whole new aspect to Mom Logic, and while I find myself often “in line” with other moms of multiples we do not have the same logic in all situations.

For those confused as to what on earth I’m talking about, let me break it down for you. (And for the record, when I say “Common Logic” I’m generalizing – I know not EVERYONE believes that, it just seems most people I come into contact with do.)

When it comes to Potty Training…
Common Logic: Wait until kids are 3 or 4 and show zillions of “readiness” signs.
My Mom Logic: Why wait? The boys can sign “potty” and I’m sick of spending $100 a month on diapers! Let’s train ’em now!

When it comes to making bread…
Common Logic: Let your bread rise in the kitchen like normal people.
My Mom Logic: The guest bathroom is the warmest place in my house so why not let my bread rise in there! I don’t have the luxury of waiting an extra hour or even two for my dough to finally rise. Don’t worry, I make sure no one uses the bathroom while there’s dough rising on the sink counter.

When it comes to using leashes on children…
Common Logic: That’s terrible! Your kids aren’t dogs!
My Mom Logic: Try managing a pack of wild monkeys by yourself and you may feel differently mister!

When it comes to insane coupon clipping and grocery shopping…
Common Logic: I don’t have time for all that! My savings would never be worth all that time and effort.
My Mom Logic: I don’t have enough money to NOT be a master shopper! Besides, I like to think of it as my “job”. In the last 2.5 months alone (since Feb 1st) I have saved $558.94!

When it comes to my husband doing more than his fair share of the housework and being great with the boys…
Common Logic: You’re just lucky.
My Mom Logic: I guess, but shouldn’t every man be like that? I’m determined to raise my boys to be the same way with their future wives.

When it comes to keeping our boys rear facing in their car seats well past 12 months of age (and 20 pounds)…
Common Logic: You’re crazy! Don’t you know you can flip them at 12 months and 20 pounds?
My Mom Logic: When reading recent research and seeing a crash test video on You Tube how could I not keep my boys as safe as possible? Today will be the first time they get to ride forward facing – they’re just shy of 20 months old and at their doctor’s visit almost 2 months ago were between 26 and 28 pounds.

When it comes to hair…
Common Logic: Either keep your hair nice and long so you can pull it back in a pony tail or cut it really short so that it requires no maintenance.
My Mom Logic: I’m lazy by nature and having three toddlers makes me want to retreat into that laziness even more. However, I don’t want to be too lazy with my looks – jeans and holey t-shirts are good enough for me in that respect, so this past weekend I went with a short hair cut that will require me to actually blow dry and then flat iron my hair. Yay for style!

When it comes to having triplets…
Common Logic: So you must have used fertility drugs or had triplets running in the family, right?
My Mom Logic: Um, no. I like to think our triplets are the result of a funny joke by God and some Disney magic. (Before you think I’ve gone all TMI on you, the egg did all it’s splitting while Nick and I were visiting Disney for a conference.)

When it comes to being seen in public with our crew…
Common Logic: Wow, you’ve got your hands full.
My Mom Logic: Yes I do, but my heart is full too and I couldn’t be more blessed!

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