My Little Photog

I seem to be passing my photography obsession on to Chase. He’s often asking to take pictures with my camera, which I have let him do on occasion (with my VERY close supervision, of course). Last week, when Nick and I were decluttering our bedroom we came across my old point and shoot camera. You know, the one that started acting all crazy on me last fall and prompted me to finally buy my beloved Nikon. Chase spotted that camera immediately and started playing with it.

There isn’t a memory card in it (because the only memory card I own is in my Nikon), but the camera lets him take a picture and then “see it” for a split second right after, so he’s having fun with it. Earlier today, Tyler picked up the camera and Chase yelled “no! That’s my camera!”. He’s obsessed, like his mama 🙂

Taking “artsy” shots of his cup of lemonade.

Up close and personal with an annoyed Jackson. Don’t worry Chase – he gets annoyed sometimes when I’m in his face with a camera too!

He’s definitely a boy after my own heart!

So it just dawned on me, about 30 minutes after posting this, that this is not at all what I “teased” you all with yesterday! I’m going to claim a combo of Momnesia and Pregnancy Brain in this lapse in memory. I promise, you’ll all get to hear about my burning dinner tomorrow morning!

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  • RoseAnne

    Love it! Keep it charged with fresh batteries – he might become a famous photographer some day! I may have an old tiny SD card kicking around here somewhere… BTW – love the tat on his arm. LOL.ReplyCancel

  • So cute! I love it!ReplyCancel

  • Are any pics saved in the camera’s internal memory? Curious if he’s a natural… 🙂ReplyCancel