My How We’ve Grown

Last Christmas my sister Laura received a pair of Ugg Boots as a gift. She opened them at my house and the boys thought they were pretty cool. We snapped these pictures of Chase wearing them…

Notice how they pretty much encase his whole leg? Well the other night Laura was over here visiting and she had worn her Uggs. She had taken them off at the door and about an hour into her visit Jackson found them and put them on. Let’s just say it’s good visual evidence of how much they’ve grown in just one year!
Then Tyler tried them on.

Speaking of growing up and Christmas…. Nick told me this morning that all three boys were up at 6:15 this morning. Their normal wake up time is 7 or 7:15, so an hour early was noteworthy. Even more noteworthy though is that all three of them were up and singing. What were they singing you ask? Why their favorite Christmas song of course: Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time by Paul McCartney!

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