My Clothes Don’t Fit!

Originally posted 7.9.07

The boys are growing really well and the doctors are really pleased with my progress. I don’t know how long they’re measuring or what they weigh yet, as measuring day isn’t for a couple of more weeks. Generally when they do the ultrasounds now they just take a quick peak to make sure their hearts are beating, bladders are working and that there’s enough fluid around each baby.

Last Thursday I also took the 1 hour glucose tolerance test to check for gestational diabetes. I still haven’t heard the results (they had hoped Friday), but expect to hear today. If I passed then great! If I didn’t pass then I have to go back for a 3 hour test…. basically I drink some orange stuff and then every hour for the next 3 hours they’ll draw blood. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

Beginning this Thursday (the 12th), I’ll be working full time from home. I’m really looking forward to this as I’ve noticed myself becoming more and more tired throughout the day. This is also a good thing because I’m rapidly growing out of any clothes that are acceptable for work! This morning I changed my shirt 3 times before I found one that fit.

The nursery is really coming together! We’ve been getting stuff organized and put away slowly. The last big thing we need to do (and it’s pretty big) is get the 3 cribs set up. When it’s all set up I’ll be sure to post a picture!

I’ve got another appointment Thursday!

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