My Boys

My boys crack me up! We’re now almost 4 months into the age of 4 and the 3 year old drama seems to be fading (finally!). While the drama isn’t 100% gone, they’ve at least nicely balanced it out by saying the most hilarious things!

A couple of weeks ago when I told the boys that Lily and I would be going on a trip, there were tears. They wanted to go on a plane too! I tried to first pass it off as this is a special 10 month old thing (they flew when they were 10 months old), but that didn’t fly. Then I said “But think about all of the fun things you can do with Daddy that you don’t usually get to do when Lily is here! Like, it’s supposed to be pretty nice on Friday so you guys could go to the zoo and stay as long as you want.” Their eyes lit up with that!

Later that day the boys were excitedly talking about their “Boys Only” weekend and Ty piped up with an awesome line….

“I’m going to draw a picture of a girl and put a circle around it and then a line through it!”

Get it? No girls allowed.

I’ll tell you what though, the most “gems” come flying out of their mouths in two places – the car and when they’re supposed to be sleeping in their beds. I swear, I should set up a camera and just hit record every time we get in the car because the three of them keep me laughing and I can never remember all of the funny stuff they’ve said by the time we get home! (Darn Momnesia!)

Few things bring a smile to my face though, more than watching Ty swing his hips around to music. This morning, he and his brothers put on a nice little show for me and it was a great way to wake up! Later this week their preschool is putting on a mini-Christmas show and I can’t wait to see that! I’ll for sure post video and picture from that, don’t worry. I did take video of this morning’s performance too though.

Once again the musical selection is from their favorite kid’s band – Go Fish! I think the part that makes me laugh the most are Lily’s cameo appearances at the beginning and end of the “show”. Jackson is the one wearing the rocketship PJs and Ty is wearing the mis-matched set with Lions on top.

Happy Monday!

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