Must Be A Mom Thing

The other day as I grabbed a water bottle I had been neglecting for much of the morning and took a drink of the now room temperature water, something dawned on me. I used to think it was so gross that my mom could drink room temperature water! IF I was going to drink water, it had to be ice cold. Apparently I’ve now adapted fully into motherhood. It’s like I’ve come to terms with the fact that my eating and drinking comes second, so if I don’t have time to constantly be refilling my cup or water bottle, then I better take what I can get! Funny thing is, I realized that morning when I drank my room temperature water that the “taste” didn’t bother me anymore.

Know what else is a mom thing? Crying at the silliest little things. My brother, sister and I used to tease our mom all the time for crying over commercials (both Hallmark and non-Hallmark commercials), movies and books. We thought it was so silly that she would cry over these things! Know what this mom did the other day? I teared up three times while watching The Tigger Movie. Yup. I cried over the story of Tigger wanting to find his family. As I sat there, realizing I was tearing up for the 3rd time I thought “good grief, what is wrong with me?!”

After doing some thinking I’ve discovered I’m much more of a crier now than I was pre-kids. I tear up when other people are crying, extremely happy, watching TV, reading a book, looking at my boys, etc. It’s like my hormones have never rebalanced after pregnancy. Oh well, I’ll just chalk it up to it being a mom thing. When my boys make fun of me for crying (I’m sure they will at some point) I’ll just tell them it’s their fault!

And now, for your general amusement, here are some random pictures. Some of these can be found on my 365 Blog as well.

Jackson – so peaceful!
No sleepy shot of Chase because after I took this one of Ty, 
Jackson’s eyes flew open and I bolted from the room!

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