Multiples and More QOTW – My 5 Favorite Blogs

Today the Question of the Week over at Multiples and More is a fun one for me! We’re supposed to list our 5 favorite blogs!

I’ll be honest – in recent months I haven’t done a very good job reading other blogs and commenting on them. I used to be great at it! I think the boys are distracting exhausting me more and more lately, so by the time nap time comes I’m beat and don’t feel like exerting much brain power. I really need to get back into it though, as reading other blogs always brightens my day, gives me fun ideas and sometimes make me think.
All that being said, there are a few blogs I do check on a regular basis! One that I check every single day is Multiples and More. Seeing as they’re hosting this little QOTW though, I’ll leave them off the list. In no particular order…
Blog #1: Money Saving Mom – I love this blog! I’ve learned so much about how to work the CVS Extra Care Bucks program, how to find good deals at stores like Target and Walgreens and how to sign up for freebies (food, magazines and home cleaning supplies)!
Blog #2: The Great Umbrella Heist – I love this blog about identical triplet girls. The conversations those girls have crack me up! Oh and Sarah’s photography inspires me to keep improving and trying new things with my own camera!
Blog #3: The Meanest Mom – This mom of 4 kids (including a set of twin boys) always keeps me laughing! Last weekend though she made me think. She made me think for 3 days! I don’t think a blog post has ever made me think that long. Here’s a link to the post that made me think so much….
Blog #4: Briseno Family Adventures – My friend Brenda is from California. I met her on a Weight Watchers message board back when we were both pregnant with our “first”. That was 3 years ago almost! We finally met this summer when Brenda’s work travels brought her to Kansas City and I’ll see her again in March when she and several other women from our board will travel to Kansas City for a big meet up! I love Brenda’s stories about her son and I love her Scrapbook Saturdays posts! Always a fun place to get new ideas.
Blog #5: Cake Wrecks – Whenever I am having a bad day and just want to cry (or eat), I log onto Cake Wrecks. I could scroll through her posts for a solid hour I’m sure. The writing keeps me laughing and the stupidity of the cake “wreckerators” cracks me up!

Disclaimer – if you didn’t make my list, don’t get down. I probably do read your blog! You seriously should see the list of blogs that I “follow”. It’s a lot. I’ll try to get better at commenting so that you know I’m checking you out (in a very un-stalker like way of course). 🙂

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