Muddy Boys

Today is your lucky day… you’re not going to get just 1 post out of me, but 2! Actually, if you count my daily 365 post you’re technically going to get 3… Anyway, I had only intended on doing one post today but then I had a moment of parenting genius this morning and I have to share it before I mess up in a way that makes me forget my moment of genius.

The parenting stuff will come in the next post – for now I wanted to show you what we did yesterday!

We went puddle jumping! Actually, the boys went puddle jumping and Lily and I watched and tried to not get splashed. Before we could go puddle jumping though I first had to load the four kids up and go to Kohls to buy boots. Yep, my first solo shopping trip with all four children.

The shopping trip went awesome. Lily hung out in the sling and slept, which kept my hands free to carry things, hold hands with the boys, help them try on boots, etc. The boys were so well behaved and had a ball picking out their boots. Didn’t hurt that I saved a bundle of money and earned some Kohls Cash either 😉

The minute we got home the boys were begging to go for a walk to look for puddles. Despite my raging headache and extreme desire to go inside, put in a movie for the boys and try to take a nap, I told them we could go looking for puddles. Turned out to be an excellent move, because I enjoyed the easy exercise, fresh air and watching the boys be boys.

Time to get wet and muddy!

I’m always impressed with the height Chase gets when he jumps! Also makes for bigger splashes…

Jackson and Chase being silly (and muddy).

Oh my. So wet and muddy.

But also so happy about how wet and muddy they are!

The boys, clearly, had a ball yesterday afternoon. I’m trying to get the insides of their boots dried out this morning so that they can go out again this afternoon. I’m pretty sure I dumped enough water out of their boots yesterday to fill a small fish tank.

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  • How fun! Dustyn loves playing in the mud and water. Love the third photo and the jumping photos. Great job!ReplyCancel

  • aw, that jumping picture is awesome!

    i need to get the boys to do some puddle-jumping. next time it’s rainy. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • RoseAnne (mom and grandma)

    Fabulous pictures and so much fun!ReplyCancel

  • I love puddle jumping!! great shots!!
    Love the picture above with the Frisbee and the boy and the box!! ha ha!!ReplyCancel