Much Needed Me Time

Thanks for the positive comments about my new layout! Someone asked where the link to my 365 Blog is now. That link can be found in two places – on the “Favorite Sites” page (along with a link to our YouTube Channel) and also on the far right side bar, right under the search bar.

This past Saturday I was in definite need of some “me time”. It had been a long two weeks of Nick working a lot, including an overnight staff retreat and a 12 hour day on Sunday and Wednesday. Lucky for me, I had an All Day Crop (scrapbooking) lined up for Saturday! From 9am until 10pm (with brief breaks for lunch, dinner and time in the nursery with the boys while Nick attended church) I did some serious scrapbooking. I’m now only about 6 months behind. Whew!

By the time I arrived home shortly after 10pm, I was feeling totally refreshed. Normally I don’t look forward to Sunday’s, due to how long they seem to me, but this time I wasn’t dreading the day ahead. I was looking forward to some play time with the boys in the morning! (Of course, they ruined that feeling by 10am the next day when I was breaking up the 5th fight of the morning and administering what was probably the 12th time out of the day so far.)

Below are some of the layouts I came up with! I’m so glad one of the ladies brought her Cricut to the event – just makes everything so much cooler!

I had a lot of fun using chalk on my pages. I think it especially pops on a black background!
The chalk drawing on the right page is like the giant chalk man the boys’ uncle drew on the deck (which you can kind of see on the left hand page).

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