This morning I will be having an MRI of my head. For the last 5 weeks or so I have been having seemingly random light-headed spells. They hit at random times, last for anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour or more and nothing seems to help them go away faster (food, laying down, water, etc.). They don’t worry me so much as annoy the crud outta me. I haven’t been able to work out for weeks because of these darn “spells” and I’m tired of it.

A week ago I finally went to the doctor about it, as these “spells” were no longer hitting just a couple of times a week, but were now up to several times a day. The doctor ran several blood tests on me (CBC, glucose, thyroid and for anemia) but they all came back clean. Her next suggestion was to have an MRI done on my head and meet with a neurologist.

While the MRI is this morning I won’t actually find anything out (I assume) until I meet with the neurologist on Monday afternoon. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I want to know what’s causing these and I want it to not be serious. I’ll keep you all up to date.

Now, I don’t want to end your week on a total downer of a post, so how about we turn this around with some adorable pictures and some exciting news?

(yep, that’s the bouncy house IN my living room! I’ll post more of those pictures next week)
Jackson & Tyler
The exciting news? I will be giving away a different item each of the next three weeks on my blog! I’ll have something for you, something for your home and something for your kids (if you have elementary aged girls). Fun times are coming to Three Times the Giggles!
Keep those comments coming! Today and tomorrow are your last days to comment and we are waaaay behind where we should be (based on previous CFC’s). As of today we’re at 29 comments, so 29 non-perishable items to be donated to a food drive!

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