Moving Day & More Showers

Originally posted 7.1.07

I’m sorry it took me so long to put an update here! It’s been a busy 3 days for us….

I had a doctors appointment on Thursday and the boys still look great! We did an ultrasound as usual and at this appointment I finally met the 4th (and final) doctor that will be seeing me throughout the pregnancy. He was very pleased to hear that my job has allowed me to begin working from home in the afternoons. Still no mention of bed rest! WOOHOO!

Last Monday I began working mornings from the office and afternoons from home. This gives me the opportunity to take a quick afternoon nap and do my work from a reclined or laying down position. I feel much more rested at the end of the day, although I am still quite tired overall 🙂

On Friday Nick finished packing up our things while I watched. It has been extremely frustrating to not pack (I’ve done all the packing for our previous moves)! I have to say though – Nick has impressed me a great deal! I had no idea he was so good at packing! Too bad for him I’ll remember it next time we move…

Saturday was moving day. And it rained. All day. Nick and 3 guys from our small group braved the weather though and got all of our belongings to the new house! By the time we went to bed the mattress had even dried out. Saturday was also baby shower day for me! The women in our small group threw a wonderful shower for me and it was great to see my friends in one place.

My next update will be after my appointment on the 5th!

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