Most Likely To…

Most Likely to be the class clown…..


Evidence: He gets the most joy out of trying to make his brothers laugh. He’s constantly making up words, singing silly songs, goofing off at the dinner table and dancing around the house just to make his brothers laugh. Often he makes Nick and me laugh as a bonus.

Most Likely to be a massive procrastinator….


Evidence: He’s become an expert at putting off going to bed. “I need a hug and a kiss.” “I need to be all cuddly (blanket put on him)” “I coughing.” “I need to go potty.” “My nose is bleeding.” Yep, we’ve really heard that last one, and for the record it was not bleeding.

Most Likely to be in the arts….


Evidence: He’s Mr. Dramatic; everything is life or death with this kid. When Tyler hears music, whether it’s in the car or standing outside the carousel at the zoo, he starts to dance. He also loves to sing. His new favorite activity? Pretending he’s standing on stage, holding a microphone and doing his Mr. Dan routine. (Mr. Dan is the man who leads large group time for the kids at church on Saturday nights – Tyler loves to go through his whole routine, complete with leading imaginary kids in the songs they sing there.)

Heads up! Posting this week is most likely going to be erratic. Nick has a full week of vacation this week for the first time in 2 years. While we aren’t heading East like we’d hoped to, we are trying to cram as much “local” fun into the week as we can!

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