More Things They Say

The boys have just been full of funny comments lately!

Aunt Laura took Jackson to the porta potty at a park. He told her they (he and his brothers) use the little urinal thing. After finishing he said: “Pretty cool, huh?”

At the same park, Chase was really getting into pretending to be a pirate because the playground was shaped like a pirate ship. He kept saying…

“Argh! Pirate Laura, come here!” or “Argh! Pirate Tyler and Jackson, come here! We being pirates!”

Me to Lily: You’re stinky, little girl!

Tyler: No Mommy, she’s not a little girl, she’s a princess.

Chase, pointing at the bite marks in his apple… “This is you, Mommy.”

Me: “That’s me?”

Chase: “Yes, that’s you holding Baby Lily.”

Chase plopped down next to me and said, “So Mommy, how was your day yesteryear?”

Jackson: “Wow, you have a big belly Mommy!”

Me: “Thanks, buddy.”

All three talking excitedly: “It rained golf balls last night!” (Actually, it was golf ball sized hail.)

And because Lily is too little to say funny things, I thought I’d just post a funny picture…

Food for Thought

Without the March of Dimes, my doctors wouldn’t have known how to properly care for me during my pregnancy with the boys. The NICU nurses wouldn’t have known what to watch for in the boys. My boys might not be here or as healthy without the March of Dimes. I can’t imagine not hearing these funny and random things from them!

There are parents all over the world who will have a child born to soon today. Many of those babies will survive and others will not, which means those parents won’t hear the funny things a 3 year old says or see the funny faces a 2 month old can make.

In honor of my healthy children and to give hope to soon-to-be parents everywhere, can you spare a little money for the March for Babies? Usually only a few weeks away from the walk I’m much closer to my goal  than I am now. Can we reach the half-way point before the end of this week? Thank you for your support!

Donate Here.

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  • Ha ha. Love it. I really need to start remembering funny stuff Dustyn says. I will have to write it down as soon as he says it. I have a terrible memory.ReplyCancel

    • Sarah, I just a keep a post in draft mode and add to it whenever the boys say something funny, otherwise I would forget too!ReplyCancel