More Leaf Fun – Video Clip of the Week

No need to check your calendar, it is indeed only Tuesday. I know I normally post the video on Wednesday, but guess what…. I forgot to have Nick write his blog post last night so need to push the Trick or Treat post one more day! I thought bumping the VCOTW up would appease you.

This video is actually from a little over a week ago when the boys were playing in the leaves in the front yard. As you can see, they were having a ball!

This past Sunday I don’t know what came over me, but after taking the boys for a walk around the block I decided to just rake all the leaves in the front yard. I’m quite sore today after raking for an hour on Sunday, starting the C25K yesterday and then an hour and a half of mulching and bagging of those leaves yesterday afternoon! Ouch.

Yep, these were taken on November 1st and it was warm enough to play outside in t-shirts!

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