More Funny Things My Kids Say

Most of the recent funnies that I’ve remembered to record here are courtesy of Jackson and Chase. Rest assured, Tyler says funny things too – I just need to remember to write them down right away!

Jackson (after walking up to the weather radio and pushing the button, he said the following into the speaker): I want a Diet Coke with vanilla please. Nope, that‘s it.

Chase (after hearing some liquid slosh in his belly): Mommy, I have music in my belly!

Chase (while Skyping with Grandma): I can’t fit in the computer too! I too big! 

Any of the boys when wearing a striped, polo shirt: I’m Steve! (They’re newly obsessed with Blue’s Clues and Steve always wears a striped polo in that show.)

Chase, after fake coughing: Mommy, I need Vicks!

Man, these kids make us laugh! 


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  • Brenda B.

    Not sure what's funnier… the weather radio DC order or the inside-out underwear on the head.ReplyCancel

  • kingdonse

    Hey…at least that was clean underwear!

    The weather radio order is hilarious!ReplyCancel

  • LittleHappys

    LOL….. I needed a good laugh today. Great stuff!ReplyCancel