Mom Time

I love my boys and I love being able to stay home with them. Sometimes the constant grunting, whining, spilled milk, diaper changing and biting get to me though and I need some “me time”.

There are a couple of times a month I can usually count on for some fun time out of the house – the monthly Triplets Plus of Kansas City dinners and the monthly COR Croppers scrapbooking night. This month (and last too actually) those nights out have fallen on back to back nights. Normally they’re a week apart which is great because I can spread the joy out that way. There’s something fun about getting out of the house 2 nights in a row though!

Last night I had a great time out with 11 other triplet moms (one of them was actually a triplet-mom-to-be)! I drank way more Diet Coke than anyone should drink at that time of night and was wired until about 12:30 last night. Oh well, gave me a chance to finish the book I was reading 🙂

Tonight is my night to scrapbook. Did I ever tell you all I took over the scrapbook ministry at our church? Since January I’ve been in charge and am having a lot of fun. I’m most looking forward to our all day crop coming up at the end of the month! Tonight though I’ll get to laugh, talk, learn some new scrapbooking skills (last month I learned about the joys of eyelets!) and stay relatively caught up on the boys’ scrapbooks.

Here are a couple of pages I did a while ago for the boys’ “baby books”. I think the top one is from Chase’s book and the bottom from Jackson’s.

All moms should have a hobby they love, and they should make time to do it! It feels so great to do things for yourself and have that time to relax and enjoy the company of other adults.

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