Milk Mustaches

For the last few weeks we’ve been letting the boys practice drinking out of a “big boy cup” every day. As the boys will tell you, big boy cups have “no covers”. They’ve gotten better and better at drinking water or nearly clear liquids from the cup, so yesterday at lunch I decided to take the plunge and let them try milk. Lots of adorable milk mustaches was my reward for taking a chance! (Oh and they didn’t spill any either…)

Jackson is in blue, Tyler in yellow and Chase in white. And yes, they were wearing the same (or almost all the same) clothes the day before. And probably the day before that. They’re developing “favorites” and with doing laundry every day right now they’re lucky enough to get to wear their favorites everyday.

Now, for those of you curious (or just wanting a walk down memory lane) old posts from the boys’ first 2 months of life are now here on the blog! Simply click here to read them or you can use the “Blog Archive” on the right hand side tool bar. I’ve “gone back in time” to post them, so you should be able to click for posts from 2007 to see posts from the birth and first two months. It shouldn’t take you long to read the posts either, as I only blogged once every week or so back then!

There are some precious pictures on those posts just for you! Again, scroll to the bottom of the page and then read up in order to see them in order.

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