Messy, Messy

I’ve been scurrying around lining up more awesome giveaways for you all! One of the businesses I just lined up actually had her clothing line on Fox last night and on the Today Show today (I’m not sure if it’s been on yet as of the typing of this) when the family from Raising Sextuplets was/is interviewed! The clothing line is adorable and I’m betting the competition to win will be fierce next week.

Sorry for the delay today in the post! We lost power for a bit this morning. Let me tell you, nothing like losing power in the middle of a heat wave (temps around 100 all week) to make you really appreciate the simple things – like a ceiling fan! I was getting hot just thinking about not having power. To try to feel cooler I looked a pictures of the boys eating ice cream…

L-R: Jackson, Tyler & Chase

Speaking of messy faces, I’ve noticed something about the boys in the last week. Jackson and Chase still make terrible messes when they eat (ok, maybe not terrible) but Tyler makes very little, if any, mess! Probably because Jackson and Chase still use their hands 70% of the time, while Tyler patiently uses his fork. I don’t have to pick up food from around Tyler’s chair when he’s done and I rarely feel like I should be hosing him down after a meal. I also don’t feel like I use half a bottle of stain pre-treater on his shirts.

Example? The other night we had pasta and meatballs. When Nick looked at it he said “I sense a big mess coming”. Chase and Jackson (pictured below) lived up to that. Tyler was surprisingly clean considering what he just ate!

Wonder how long it’ll be before he rubs off on his brothers.

New giveaway tomorrow and you’re going to looove it! The item is something I know is always a huge hit when it’s given away on blogs and I’ve yet to win one myself. How’s that for a teaser?

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  • Cindy

    I am a grandmother of twins 6 days younger than your triplets–but “mine” are a boy and a girl. I consider it a “gift” every time you have a new post. I really enjoy looking at all of your photos.

    Thanks for the (almost) daily posts!ReplyCancel