Earlier this week I took the boys to see their Aunt Laura dance. Did I ever mention she’s a dancer? I can’t remember, but then I can’t remember anything these days. Anyway, she is in a dance company and also teaches dance to children. The company she is in is currently rehearsing for a large Christmas show. The boys know that Aunt Laura dances, but they’d never actually seen her in action, so when I heard they’d be dancing to Christmas music I jumped at the chance to bring them to a rehearsal.

They were mesmerized!

That’s Aunt Laura in the front. I’m sure she’ll be thrilled I put this up on the blog 🙂

Jackson was mesmerized too, but he was sitting on what’s left of my lap most of the time, which is why he’s not in any pictures.

After watching her rehearse for probably 30 minutes I told the boys it was time to go, and we headed over to Chick Fil A for a snack (waffle fries!) and some playtime at their playplace. In the playplace they have one of those funny mirrors that distorts the person in it. I caught the boys doing various jumps, leaps and turns in front the mirror – the very same moves Laura and her fellow dancers had been doing. It was cracking me up!

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  • That’s so cute. :>)ReplyCancel

  • Auntie Laura

    oh I am soo happy you got my “awesome” outfit! hahah socks and all! Glad you all came that day! It always makes me happy to have family around. Wait till you see the “jazzy” number! The boys would love that one! it has part of Jiggle Bells in itReplyCancel

  • pop pop

    Those boys sure do love their Aunty Laura !! And rightly so. Maybe dancing is in one of their futures ????ReplyCancel