Me Time

Last fall I set out to get myself some “me time”. I knew our church had a mom’s group and I was excited to get involved. I didn’t know a single person in the room of 40-50 moms, but that’s what happens when you’re at a church of 15,000. Know what else happens when you’re at a church that big? You have to make an effort to get plugged in and meet people! If you don’t do that you’ll just feel lost.

Even though the mom’s group only met an average of twice a month (and sometimes only once depending on where the holidays fell) it was my time of respite. The speakers may not have all been stellar, but the really bad ones just give us something to laugh about 3 months later!

I’ve made some great friends, will be setting up some playdates for the summer and really enjoyed the dynamic of “the blue table” (where I sat). I was lucky enough to be placed at the same table as the one other lady from my town and we’ve become friends. In fact, next year she and I will be co-leading one of the Early Childhood groups!

If you live in the Kansas City area and are looking to be plugged in with other moms, I invite you to sign up for Building Better Moms. The whole program has been revamped for next year (runs with the school year) and I’m excited about the changes. Whether you have a baby, toddlers, elementary aged kids, high school kids or are a single mom there’s a group for you. You certainly do not have to be a member of our church or even have stepped foot inside before. We have moms from various stages in life and some from other churches in the area!

If this is something that interests you, go here for more info and to register. If you have young kids and want to be in the group I’m co-leading just look for the Wednesday Morning Early Childhood group with my name as one of the leaders!

Today is our last meeting for the spring. I’m sad to not get to meet with these ladies anymore, as they’ve been one of my bright spots in this thing called “motherhood”, but I’m so excited for August and the new friends I will make!

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