Me at 26 Weeks

Originally posted 7.12.07

I just returned from my doctor appointment and am happy to report that all is well!

I found out I passed my glucose tolerance test, which means no gestational diabetes for me! The typical cut off number is 140 – if you’re over that then you have to take the 3 hour test… my number was 116, so I passed with flying colors! My blood pressure is fantastic and my weight gain seems to have stalled but the babies growth has not…

But enough about me! You’re all here to read about the boys! Today was measuring day for the babies and they’re all either right on track or ahead of schedule for triplet growth, which is great. The liquid surrounding them is equal, their organs all look good and they’re certainly fattening up. Baby A measured today at 2.4 pounds, Baby B at 2.8 pounds and Baby C at 2.0 pounds. The doctor is not concerned right now with the difference in weight between Baby B and C. He said they don’t get concerned until the difference is 20% or more and right now the difference is just at 20%. He also said Baby B may have measured a bit bigger than he actually is, because it was tough to get a good measurement of his stomach.

I’ve also passed an important milestone in that if the babies were to come now, they should all survive! Thankfully this shouldn’t be an issue anyway, because the doctor said I’m doing remarkably well.

Nick thought it would be funny to take a picture of me next to the new plants we’d just put in and then in a month take a picture in the same place to see how much the plants and I have grown! This was actually taken last weekend, so this is me at 26 weeks…

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