Marching Again

Two years ago (the last time we participated in the March for Babies), my awesome friends, family and blog readers helped us collect donations from 26 states and 1 country! It was awesome, and our t-shirts were rather fun looking (but they did fall apart in the rain during the march). I’ve decided to be extra ambitious this year…

The Goals

* Donations from all 50 states

* Raising $1,000

It’s a lofty goal, but we’ve got 2.5 months to hit it. With as connected as we all are on social media, we should be able to at least hit the 50 states goal! Once again, I’ll update a Google Map with pins of where the donations come from, so that you can keep track. That map can be seen by clicking here.


So why do we walk?

Identical TripletsI had amazing care during my pregnancy, and the boys had amazing care in the NICU. All women and babies should have such amazing care. That’s why we walk.

Not all preemies do as well as ours boys did. Some spend months in the NICU, undergoing risky surgeries, and often battling for their lives. That’s why we walk.

Many women need life saving medicines during their pregnancy, and there are still more that haven’t even been thought of, created, tested, and approved. Think of the medicines and procedures that are still to be thought of! That’s why we walk.

I could give you more reasons of why we walk and support the March of Dimes, but how about I let the boys tell you, in their adorable little 3.5 year old voices (seriously – I don’t remember their voices being that insanely cute!).

If you live in Kansas City, we’d love to have you walk on our team (Three Cuties)! The more the merrier! If you don’t live here, or can’t walk with us, please consider donating. Every little bit helps! Donate here, or via the button/bar closer to the top of this post. 

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