Making Time

Life has been on go, go, go mode for me since about mid-October. My days have been full of carting kids around, hearing “I’m still hungry” for the 100th time, breaking up wrestling matches and the occasional snuggle on the couch. My nights have been late (usually 1am at least) with trying to edit client sessions and get them into online galleries so they can order gifts and cards. Whew!

When I received an e-mail in mid-November inviting me to slow down for a couple of minutes each day and “Picture the Holidays” I knew I needed it. I hadn’t realized it at the time, but I’ve done very little (ok, almost none) just fun photography. 75% has been clients and 24% has been my own kids. That only leaves 1% for taking pictures of random things/nature (something I love)!

So each day in December I get an e-mail prompting me to take a picture that fits the day’s theme and then I upload it to a private Facebook Group and also into a specially designed photo book (that I can buy and print in January).

We’re a little over a week into the project and so far I’ve only missed one day! Woo! I plan to go back (hopefully today) and catch up on that one. Here’s what I’ve done so far, along with what the prompt was for each picture.

Holding Onto Gratitude

Even though she’s usually crawling away from me, and into trouble, I’m so grateful this little person is in our lives!

Reframing the Season

I went to a cookie exchange and had some friends form a frame with their arms, around the cookies!

All You Need Is Love

We were encouraged to use a heart in the image in some way, and Miss Lily has a heart clip in her hair.

You Hold the Key

We were told to photograph something that is the key to helping us de-stress and re-focus. Our church is definitely that for me, whether I’m going in for a meeting, mom’s group or worship!

The View From Here

The view of bare tree branches and the Christmas lights on our house.

Every Little Thing

We were encouraged to pause and enjoy the tiny details we might normally miss because we’re so busy. Know what I always get a kick out of? The designs found in my coffee after I pour in some milk.

Reflecting on the Season

The plan here was to find Christmas related reflections to photograph. At 1am this morning (while I was waiting for a gallery to upload) I grabbed this ball off the tree and had planned to set up an entirely different shot, but when I saw the tree reflection I went with it!

I’m actually surprised at how well it turned out – I was hand holding the ornament and precariously leaning against the baby gate around the tree. Considering the slow shutter speed, I was expecting a whole lot of blur!

ISO 800, F 1.8, 1/13 on my 35mm lens

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  • I love the view from here shot the most but all are good!ReplyCancel

    • Thank you, Courtney! I think the View From Here is my favorite so far too. Something about the starkness of those branches on that dark, cloudy late afternoon…ReplyCancel