Makes My Day

Know what makes my day? The silly smiles and laughs of my children. We can have a day filled with melt-downs of epic proportions and yet all I need is a smile or giggle from one of the boys or from Lily and the stress starts to dissipate. I’m not saying it makes everything all better, but it sure helps the situation!

Seriously. How could those goofy grins not ease stress? Or how about this smile in action?


Yep, I love that one too – especially when she laughs at me, which she also did yesterday but I failed to catch on video. (Sorry she’s rather blurry – I have a hard time holding the video camera just the right distance from her while also trying to make her smile.)

Tonight family begins arriving for Wedding Week! Woohoo! Posting will likely be sporadic between now and next Monday as we enjoy time with my parents and brother and his family this week and then all of the wedding fun and more family this weekend.

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  • Auntie Laura

    I love those smiles!!!! Mason and I are excited!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Aunt Sue

    Thanks for making me smile with all of the wonderful pictures of your family! Enjoy the upcoming week. Take lots of pictures – wish we could be there….. 🙁ReplyCancel

  • She’s precious. 🙂ReplyCancel