Love Fest

While the last month may have (and still be) fraught with silly drama and meltdowns from the boys (and sometimes me, ha!), it has also been filled with some serious lovin’. When Jackson, Tyler and Chase aren’t busy beating on each other, they’re playing nicely together, being sweet to each other and being sweet to Lily.

A couple of weeks ago the boys asked if we would put all three of their car seats next to each other. Umm…. ok. We told them we’d leave them until a.) Kid of the Day asked to be moved back or b.) so much fighting, biting, pinching and kicking ensues that I either drive off the road or go horse from yelling at them to knock it off. It’s been 2 weeks (at least!) and neither has happened yet.

I absolutely love looking out the back door and seeing this… Know what’s even better though? When I can listen in on their little conversations. One of these days I’m going to catch it on video so you all can listen in to. It’s seriously hilarious and adorable, all rolled into one!

And I love watching them play boyish games, even if I’m the one that suggested said boyish game. (This one involved racing matchbox cars through the puddle the rain had left on their coaster track.)

Next time the boys are tearing each other apart and I want to tear them apart as a result, I think I’ll just lock myself in my room and look at these pictures. I suspect it would do my blood pressure some good to remember how sweet they can be…

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