Little Firefighters

Warning: The following post contains picture overload! 
Tuesday morning we did something the boys found very exciting. Along with about 20 other kids from our local Parents As Teacher program, the boys got to check out a fire house, walk through a rescue truck and most importantly, sit in a real fire truck!

Jackson in blue, Tyler in stripes and Chase in red

The minute we got there Tyler wanted to sit in the truck. He wastes no time…. Unfortunately for him, we had to go on a tour of the fire house first and learn about Stop, Drop and Roll. I think that was the longest 10 minutes ever for him! (For those curious, yes, he threw a small tantrum when I told him he couldn’t sit in the truck yet.)

I love this one of Chase just standing there with his hands in his pockets!

Tyler made friends with one of the firemen and convinced him to let him sit in the Rescue Truck. My boys were the only ones lucky enough to sit in there, thanks to Tyler winning over this guy! When he first put Tyler in the truck, he put him on the passenger side, but as you can see Tyler wanted the driver’s side…
One of the firemen showed the kids all the gear he has to put on. Each piece was explained as he was putting it on so as to show the kids a fireman was nothing to be scared of. He then crawled around on the ground, breathing through his mask and talking so that they could hear what he would sound like in a fire.
And then the best part came…. all the kids were given fire fighter hats! So cute!

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