Lily’s Favorite Picture

Lily has a favorite spot in the house. Actually, she has multiple favorite spots, but most of them are places she’s not supposed to be (more about that in a future post). She does have a favorite place, that includes a favorite picture though.


Yep, Lily’s favorite spot (that she’s allowed to be in) is right in front of this picture that hangs in our living room. I noticed around the time she was 6 months old that if she was facing that wall as we walked out of the living room, she would have the biggest grin on her face! Then the grins turned into a little giggle, so naturally I now stop and stand in front of the picture so she can get a good look. She’ll squeal and laugh and pat the picture. I love that she gets such a kick out of seeing the picture, especially considering I bet the main reason she’s excited is because she sees her brothers (surely she doesn’t recognize herself).

Speaking of pictures though, as much as I love that picture too, I needed something updated for the main wall in the living room. See, this is what we had been using on our main, focal wall… and I hated it.

The frames were always crooked, I didn’t like the boys’ pictures (thank you uncalibrated monitor for those, and thank you lazy self for never re-editing and re-printing them), and I didn’t like the cluster of 8×10 frames. I wanted bigger and better. I wanted a wrap of some sort!

This is what we have up now (as of this week) and I love it!


That big picture is a 16×20 print wrap. It’s the same style as a canvas gallery wrap, but it’s not canvas. Instead the picture is printed on a heavy duty paper of sorts and when it’s finished it almost feels like velvet soft leather. It’s mounted on a block, so it kind floats off the wall. I absolutely love the look and feel of those!

The framed prints of the kids are 8×8 pictures, and I really like the square shape of them. Adds a fun new dimension!

The kids all seem to like the new display too, and I’ve caught Lily sitting in her Pit of Despair, looking up at the new pictures and smiling. Maybe she’ll have a new favorite spot!

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  • andrea

    Where did you find the 8×8 frames? I love them!ReplyCancel

  • Monica S

    Love the new wall set up! You did a great job! I did laugh a little cuz from the pic you took of the wall of frames it looks like the kiddo on the top right has Micky Mouse ears (its the dark tiles in an unfortunate spot right over his head…lol)!ReplyCancel