Lily’s 5 Minutes of Fame

Yesterday morning Lily had her 5 minutes of fame. She and I drove downtown to the Fox 4 studios, waited in a Green Room (that wasn’t actually green, by the way) and Lily was on TV! Turns out Dave Ramsey was at the studio yesterday morning too, but he was already gone by the time we got there. Darn!

Below are a few (unedited, because I have no time for tweaking this morning) pictures from the morning. If you missed her moment on TV or just want to relive it, you can click the following link:,0,2862635.story Lily shows up at about the 2 minute mark.

Lily waiting in the Green Room. Kinda unsure about this new place she’s hanging out.

Teaser before going into commercial break.

The giant green section on the right is the screen the weatherman stands in front of.

We originally had her sitting on the “stage”, but she eventually got curious and wanted to crawl around and grab at tape stuck to the floor.

Look at the smile for the camera!

And she’s off…

Fun tidbit – almost all of the cameras in there were remote controlled. They said it’s because they’re HD cameras. This was the only time I saw someone actually touch a camera.

First part of the segment.

Hi, sweet girl!

The other moms and I were standing just off camera (obviously).

Definitely a fun morning and I love that they let me take pictures of it! Thanks for opportunity, Homespun Crafts!

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