Lily’s 1 Year Session

One year ago today, Nick and I had a big blow out. I was a hormonal, emotional wreck (thank you pregnancy) and he was likely a bit tired of my hormonalness. The cause of the blow out? The unfinished  state of the baby room. Actually, the room hadn’t even been started. No paint. No crib assembled. No changing table/dresser combo mounted to the wall. Nada. I had just watched Nick play with the boys for an entire afternoon and not do anything about that baby room, and I was annoyed!

Part of the “conversation” went like this….

Nick: What’s the rush? You’re not having her for 2 and a half weeks!

Me: She could come at any time, Nick! She doesn’t have to come on my scheduled c-section date. She could come tomorrow!

Nick: Well then worst case scenario, I’ll paint and get her room ready while you’re in the hospital.

Me: While watching the boys? I’d love to see that. (Said with copious amounts of sarcasm, of course.)

Two days later we spent a considerable amount of time on very snowy roads, driving back and forth to the hospital and then finally being admitted. Three days after the “discussion”, Lily was born and Nick then spent some very late nights putting together her room. I’m holding onto that “I told you so” for a rainy day. Ha!

Hard to believe birthday week is here for Miss Lily! On Friday afternoon I took Lily’s 1 year pictures and ended the session with a cake smash!

Jackson had turned on Curious George, which Lily was interested in. I had to tell him to stop distracting his sister 😉

Looking at Jackson, who was now dancing around and acting silly for her.

Look at my cutie!

Look at those chunky feet! Most of the adorable shoes that were handed down to her have never fit, because her feet are so thick.

Let’s get to the cake part!

She wasted no time getting her hands dirty, but then she appeared to not like how it felt and tried to wipe it all off on her shirt. Ha! After she tasted the frosting though, she was all over that cake.

The boys were begging me to let them play with the cake too, so I finally relented and let them in on the fun..

After I posted this picture on my personal Facebook last night, a couple of friends remarked that it looked like Lily was explaining how to do things and it cracked me up! I have to share the caption one of my FB friends (and blog reader!) came up with last night for this one:

“Well guys, you see, there was this cake just sitting there, and so I just couldn’t resist grabbing a few handfuls…”

Obviously this was a big, fun mess! The tub was gross after all four of them had been bathed, and at least they kept the majority of the cake and frosting to the white backdrop (which did come clean, by the way). This was such a fun way to kick off the week leading up to Lily’s birthday! The boys already can’t wait to give her more cake at the end of this week, for her party.

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  • Very cute! Happy birthday week, Lily!ReplyCancel

  • How cute! Have a great week! Time passes much too quickly.

  • Precious! so cute! Happy birthday to Lily!ReplyCancel

  • Aunt Sue

    You are an amazing mom!!! I used to freak about PLAYDOUGH!!!! The pictures are wonderful – lots of love to our precious great-niece and hugs to you all.ReplyCancel

  • Mary

    Happy birthday Lily. Great job on the photo shoot.ReplyCancel

  • Helen, How absolutley adorable is all of that! Love everyone of them! I really can’t believe she is turning one!!! I believe her and I share a birthday…and it’s my big one too! 😉 I know you are enjoying and cherishing every minute! Hugs!ReplyCancel