Lily Proof

When Lily started really getting around the house, she also started really getting into things in the house. While she has the Pit of Despair, she’s not happy being trapped in there for very long. As soon as she started crawling, we started shutting doors to bedrooms and bathrooms. The boys would also lock the doors, and as we were hurrying to unlock a bathroom door, we would remind them that Lily can’t reach the door knob so locking wasn’t necessary!

Crawling baby – close the doors to the “unsafe” zones. Simple baby proofing at its best!

When Lily started cruising in an upright position it opened up whole new getting-into-trouble worlds. Time to break out the velcro! That’s right. Velcro.

Be honest – how many of you thought I was referring to velcroing her butt to the floor? 😉

Seriously though – we used velcro to baby proof our kitchen when the boys were this age, and we’re using it again for Lily. It’s super cheap and so easy to “install”!

Buy some strips of velcro and stick one side to the drawer and the other part to the cabinet where the drawer hits it. Viola!

There are a couple of drawers we’re ok with her getting into (namely the one that contains all of the plastic containers and lids), but the rest of the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen got the velcro treatment. Some of them are even hard for me to open, and some…

Well some we need to add more velcro, because muscles here has figured out how to open the bottom pantry door…

Yeah, she knows she’s where she shouldn’t be! When I hear the sound of the ripping velcro and look over at her, she immediately grins and shakes her head “no”.


The velcro on the “high traffic” drawers and cabinets will wear down and will have to be replaced probably once more before Lily will learn to stay out of areas she shouldn’t be in. Removing the velcro strips and then replacing them with new ones is so easy though!

Seriously. Velcro! We Lily Proofed 10 cabinets and drawers for about $4 and it took all of 10 minutes to do.

Now, all that being said, nothing is 100% Lily proof. When we’re relying on 4 year olds to remember to close drawers, cabinets or doors to bathrooms, we know there’s room for error.

We’d been home yesterday for all of 3 minutes when I said to the boys “Where’s Lily?!”

Someone had been busy…

And then she decided she was done with the whole situation and left. Too bad the evidence followed her!

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  • Aunt Sue

    That is so cute!! What a little imp!!ReplyCancel

  • Torona Reynolds

    cute!!!!! That is so funny!!! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • amy martinez

    This jogged my memory of my own Lily, who we thought would think that her “real” name was “Lily Don’t touch” or Lily NO!” Your Lily tales are delightful.ReplyCancel

    • Hahaha! I think ours will think “Uh Oh Lily!” or “Lily No!” is hers. (The boys are the ones that say “Uh Oh Lily”.)ReplyCancel

  • Too cute! Velcro! What a great idea!ReplyCancel