Lily is 4 Months

Munchkin turned 4 months old on Friday! I did a mini-photo shoot, which was an entertaining experience. Later this morning she has her 4 month well-check, so I’ll update her stats on this post when we get home.

Edited to add her stats! We’ve got a big one here… She weighs in at 17 pounds and 13 ounces (99th percentile) and is 25.5 inches long (96th percentile). Guess we know why she’s outgrowing clothes so fast!

Lily is still just rolling front to back (and has been since 5 weeks old). She’s beginning to tolerate tummy time a bit more, which is nice. I have a hunch though that once she’s really tolerating it well it won’t be long before she starts trying to figure out how to move around.

Tyler wanted to be part of the shoot… The boys just adore her so much! Although, the novelty has worn off because its rare I find someone who wants to throw out one of her diapers, where two months ago there would be tears if a kid went out of turn.

Lily is gaining weight like nobody’s business! This past week I had to put away all of the 3 Month size clothes and bring out the 6 Month. Yep. My 4 month old girl is in 6 month clothes. The boys were chunky babies too, but not until closer to 6 months old and even then they fit in the size clothes that coordinated with their month.

The fun of her flying through the clothes though is that she constantly has new clothes I can dress her up in! The dress she’s wearing in these pictures is a favorite of mine.

That’s how she spends most of her time… trying to shove something into her mouth. I think it’s time to find a teething ring or something for her to gnaw on; last night her fist just wasn’t cutting it!

Another of her favorite things (after eating and shoving things into her mouth) is smiling. She’s pretty easy to get to smile! Even on Saturday evening, when she was so tired and so sad about it, she would smile while crying. It was adorable. Of course, I find everything she does adorable.

And photo shoot done.

So, any guesses on her length and weight? Keep in mind that she has completely outgrown size 3 month clothes (both in length and weight) and her Size 2 diapers are getting on the small side too and I may have to reluctantly move her up to size 3.

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  • That last pic kills me. LOLReplyCancel

  • She is too adorable! We really have to get our kids together. My trips are just 5 days younger.ReplyCancel

  • Nellie Bragg

    Helen, I have enjoyed the pictures from the past several days. Lily is truly growing at a great pace! Our three were on the petite side and never were near the 90th percentile in anything to do with physical growth. You are doing a wonderful job with everything!ReplyCancel