Lily is 18 Months!

I have a bunch (seriously, a bunch) of vacation pictures and stories to share, but something happened while we were on vacation and I simply must blog about it now! While we were in Vermont, Miss Lily hit the 18 month mark!

When did my girl get so big?!

ETA @ 4:15pm: I can’t believe I forgot to share her stats from her 18 month appointment! She’s 31.8 pounds (off the percentile chart) and was 33 inches I believe. She’s also now getting an ENT referral to discuss tubes, because she had another ear infection a few weeks ago (#7 since January). 

Words & Signs:

Lily has quite the growing vocabulary when it comes to words she says and words she’ll sign! While we were on vacation she started saying “Jackson” and “Laura” (both are hilarious to hear!). Current Words: Kitty, Daddy, Mommy, Jackson, Laura, Cracker, Please, Thank You, Shoes, Hot. Signs: Kitty, Daddy, Cracker, Water, Milk, Please, Shoes, Bath, Diaper, Eat, Help, Hot and a few more that I’m blanking on right now. (I tried getting video of her talking and signing last night, but her brothers kept trying to steal the spotlight, so I gave up. I’ll try again this week!)

She’s dropping her morning nap I think, as she only takes it 3 or 4 days a week now, but still (usually) takes a great afternoon nap. We’ve also swapped out her highchair for a booster seat at the table. She loves eating there with all of us! Even though we’d pull her highchair close to the table, it wasn’t quite the same. She’s also getting quite good with a bowl and fork or spoon.


Munchkin is also going to give me gray hairs. She seems far more daring at this age then I remember her brothers being (or maybe I just blocked those memories – ha!). One of her favorite games right now? She pulls the cushions off the couch, stands on the couch, giggles at me, and then falls flat on her face onto the cushions on the floor!

Know what else she did? A few weeks ago I walked into the kitchen to find her standing on a ride on toy, at the kitchen counter…. on one side of her was the hot crockpot and she had just grabbed a steak knife off the dish drainer! GAH! I said her name (relatively calmly so that I didn’t startle her) and she dropped the knife and laughed at me. Eventually the ride on toy had to be locked into another room, because she kept trying to push it over to that corner of the kitchen. Seriously. She’s going to be the one to give me grays.

Ah, my cute girl 🙂 I’ve been told by some other parents that the youngest is the one that gives you a run for your money, and I think they’re right!

And finally, while we were on vacation I noticed several of my baby/toddler pictures in a frame at my parents’ house. I snapped a picture so I could show you all! When one of the boys looked at the pictures, he thought they were of Lily!

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  • Amy

    Lily looks just like her mama! Hard to believe your baby is 18 months old already!ReplyCancel

  • jes

    Wow!! She looks SOOO much like you!!! How adorable!!ReplyCancel