Lily is 10 Months!

Yesterday (or Sunday for those of you that aren’t night owls and are seeing this Tuesday morning) Lily hit the 10 month mark. The boys love that this means it’s only 2 more months until she turns one and we can give her cake and presents!

Ah, my little cutie! She just makes me smile! Sometimes her little “mmmmm” whine drives me bonkers (like today), but 90% of the time she makes me smile.

Teeth: Still just two, but the whining and tears tell me she’s got more on the way.

Tricks:  She learned to pull up a couple of weeks ago and it is her favorite “trick” now. I have this sneaking suspicion that she’ll take her first steps by Christmas. Oy! She’s also learned to clap in the last week or so, and loves clapping for herself!

To high school age Lily – I’m sorry for posting this picture of you. I know you likely find it embarrassing, but you made this face all the time at this age, and it seemed wrong to not include it! We were never sure if you were chewing on the inside of your lips or cheek, or (more importantly) why you even liked making this face.

 Words/Signs: We’ve been working on sign language, but haven’t seen any signs back yet. I know she understands several though because she gets super excited when I sign “eat”, “drink” or “more”. Still no words either – just babble! Today Chase asked me what Lily’s voice would sound like when she starts talking.

Her hair is getting long and tends to get in her eyes if I don’t clip it back. On the flip side, she’s also good at taking clips and bows out of her hair and either chewing on them or losing them in Walmart.

She adores her brothers and the feeling is mutual with them. The aforementioned whining? 9 times out of 10 the whine is because she’s annoyed to be in her Pit instead of chasing after her brothers or getting into their stuff. Today I had to repeatedly tell Jackson that Lily is too small for rough housing or sitting on her lap (even though she was giggling). I believe I said “Jackson, even though she’s almost the same size as you, she’s too little for you to try to sit on her lap!”.

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  • Kitti

    I ADORE the first pic! She’s soooo cute!ReplyCancel

  • Jen

    She’s beautiful…what a lucky little girl to have so many adoring brothers! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Such a cutie and growing so fast. Where did the time go?ReplyCancel

  • She’s beautiful 🙂ReplyCancel