Lily at 8 Months

The princess of the house turned 8 months old yesterday. Hard to believe she’s been here, making us smile, for that long already! Know what the means? I only have 4 months to plan her 1 year old birthday bash!

Clothing size: Mostly 12M, but she’s been known to wear some 18M tops and skirts (pants are way too long in that size).

Tooth Count: Zippo! We’ve got to be so close though…

Movement: While not crawling in the traditional sense, she sure moves fast, especially if she sees one of the boys’ toys!

Food: She loves most of it! Peas make her gag, yet she’ll eat green beans. I don’t get it. She also seems to like ground beef. I still make all her food, and she is getting into self-feeding. See that nice shine all over her? That would be banana. Yep, quite the sticky mess!

What the boys think: She’s definitely the princess and they still adore her. I love watching them try to make her laugh (which isn’t hard).

Illness: Looks like we have our first cold. I thought it was teething related at first, but I’m not convinced anymore. See that shiny stuff under her nose? Yep, been dealing with that for nearly a week. She’s not a fan either.

Hair Accessories: Undecided. While most of the stuff she owns is a bit big for my liking, a wise friend told me that if I want her to be ok with stuff in her hair when she’s older (and I certainly do!) then I need to train her to be ok with it now. So I’m trying to remember to put something (anything!) on her little head when we’re at home and sometimes even when we go out.

All around, a very happy girl!

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  • I love the first one and the last one. She is such a chunk. Wish being that chunky was cute at our age. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Love that smile. :>)ReplyCancel

  • Aunt Sue

    What a beautiful girl!!! Her smiles just shine from the inside!! I got to snuggle with your new niece last night – she’s a precious one too.ReplyCancel