Lily at 14 Months

Miss Lily is 14 months old today, which seems so hard to believe! Didn’t she just turn 1?! She’s growing like crazy, and my arms and back tell me she’s put on a pound or two.

Teeth: She is still very much in the throws of teething, but she now has 10 all the way through, number 11 is halfway through and number 12 is just coming through. Did I mention she’s miserable? Cause she is.

Words and Signs: Lily has uttered her 2nd (and 3rd, technically) word! “Thank You”. Seriously, she’s so polite 🙂 I need to try to get her saying it on video, because it’s so cute. She’ll walk over and hand me something (usually something she shouldn’t have) and as she hands it off she says “thank you”!

She is also signing like crazy – cat is her favorite right now. She signs it while chasing the neighbor’s cat around. She also signs sleep when she’s ready for bed, milk, more, eat, and mommy. She also loves shaking her head “no”. Once, Nick and I saw her nod her head “yes”, but that was it.

Food: Lily loves to eat. If Lily is roaming the living room, while the boys have a snack, I have to tell them to guard their snack cups/bowls. If the boys are eating a meal and Lily is already done and down, you can often find her hanging out under the table or next to one of her brother’s chairs waiting for them to drop something. I told Jackson yesterday “This is what it would be like if we had a dog – it would sit there and wait for you to drop food”. Ha!

She eats a wide variety of foods and I haven’t fed her anything yet that she wouldn’t eat. She even likes asparagus (which makes Chase proud)! Know what else she likes? Ice cream. The picture above is from this weekend, when Nick gave her the rest of his ice cream cone. She devoured it!

Know what else she ate in the last couple of days? Her own feces. Yep. She had a blowout yesterday (in the Pit of Despair) and when I came back from getting the bath water started she was making a face, smacking her lips and had evidence on her cheek. So I guess that’s one thing she’s eaten that she didn’t like…

(It also should be noted that she is not the only member of this household to do that… Jackson did it too, and you can read that tale here:

Loves: Lily loves her brothers, gets excited when Nick comes home from work and, based on the grin I get when I enter her room after nap time, she’s pretty fond of me. She also loves her Aunt Laura, which makes me happy! I can’t wait until Lily’s old enough to get dance lessons from Aunt Laura.

She also loves the neighbor’s kitty. And her paci (which she only gets at nap and bed time). And her little bear lovey! And trying to get into rooms and places she shouldn’t be.

Walking: Considering she’s only been walking for a little over a month, she’s become a pro! Granted, she’s a little tipsy/clumsy when she’s tired, but aren’t we all?

I hear her babbling in her crib now, which means nap time is over. Therefore, this blog post is over.

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  • Cheryl

    Aw! I’d love to see videos of her signing. Signing with tiny hands are soo cute. If you didn’t know, I’m deaf! 🙂 Love to see little babies and kids sign with their tiny hands!ReplyCancel

  • Cheryl

    One question, I know you did some signs with all three boys, and now Lily… are they some of help in communicating and telling you what they want and help lessen some frustration?ReplyCancel

    • I had no idea you were deaf, Cheryl! We did start the signing (with the boys and now with Lily) to reduce the frustration. A lot of research shows that kids understand things very early, but because they haven’t figured out talking yet, they get frustrated when they can’t communicate their needs or feelings. I love that the boys and now Lily were/are able to tell me what they need!ReplyCancel

      • Cheryl

        That’s awesome. I’m glad you are using sign lang to help your child communicate with you! Love your blog!ReplyCancel

  • Laura

    awwww! Love this post! Especially about her loving her Aunt Laura 🙂 I love that little munchkin too! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Cheryl

    Hi Helen… off topic but know your boys love hot wheels and ran across this site and thought of you!