Lily at 11 Months

Yesterday Miss Lily hit the 11 month mark. Wow! How is she 11 months old already?!

She’s grown tremendously – just look at this picture of her and the boys in February (when she was only a couple of weeks old) and this picture of them about 2 weeks ago. Crazy! (Really, the difference in all 4 of them is noticeable.)

Lily isn’t walking on her own yet, but she enjoys cruising furniture and pushing (while walking or kneeling) things across the floor. She’s also been experimenting with standing while not holding onto anything or anyone. The other day I got her to let go of my fingers and she stood for 10 seconds before sitting down and laughing at me.

She makes herself crack up constantly and we just adore her little giggle! Jackson especially likes her laugh, because he is continually doing silly things to try to make her giggle.

We love how easy going she is. She’s so patient when we’re running errands, or I’m chatting with people and she’s stuck in her stroller. The minute you put her down on the floor though, she’s off like a shot.

Everything goes in this child’s mouth. EVERYTHING! She still only has those two teeth on the bottom, and I’ve been sure for the last 3 weeks that any day I would see more.

She survived her first stomach bug (our whole family went down with that junk this past weekend) and she handled it pretty well, even though her “case” was very mild compared to what her brothers went through. Last night her appetite came back full force finally, which was good to see.

So here we go – one final month before she turns 1. Wow! I told Nick excitedly the other night this means just one more month of buying formula and one last month of washing bottles! (When the boys turned 1, we switched them cold turkey to sippies and milk without a problem, and we’re hopeful she’ll handle it the same way.)


Let the birthday planning begin! Speaking of birthdays – who do I even invite to her 1st birthday? The only family in town is my sister and her husband. For the boys’ first birthday we invited all of the people who helped us out in those early months (and during my pregnancy), but we didn’t really have that with Lily. So if you live far away from family and have thrown a first birthday (or two or three) who did you invite?

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  • Helen, I didn’t get back to comment on that post of pictures with Santa yesterday, so I just wanted to say that I thought it was just darling! Our granddaughter, at four, was still not sure she wanted to sit on Santa’s lap.:-)

    Someone asked one time, “How does time pass so quickly when the days sometimes seem endless?” Miss Lily is truly thriving in a loving family!

    Blessings to all of you!

  • Allie

    Wow! She’s precious!
    As for the invitations, I’d say family friends, friends from church, a few friends of the boys, and a few baby friends? That’s tricky!ReplyCancel

  • Zoie

    We just invited the family. My son’s half sister and brother, Aunt and Uncle who live an hour north of us and a family friend came to visit. That was 7 of us and enough for me to deal with.ReplyCancel

  • Monica S

    You should invite friends and neighbors…. Yes, that’s a hint!ReplyCancel